Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Series Overview

Whew! Our summer series ended on Tuesday night last with a beautiful evening in Hollywood forest. We had a cunning plan to upload the results to the IOA website and let the league calculator do its number crunching. We had already tested the internet connection and while it wouldn't work in the village a location near the road was found to work ok. Sadly OR wouldn't load and attempts to find OR on the new IOA website proved fruitless. The old IOA website (which I believe everybody was still using) has been disabled. A mad dash home to get the results uploaded and the league results printed led to a bit of a delay. The event barbie meant that the competitors were happily swilling pints and scoffing burgers and didn't seem to be too upset. Ger Butler retained his lead on the long course. Una May pipped Tony Joyce to take the honours on the medium and sadly for the Joyce family Caoimhe May did the same to Daniel Joyce on the Adventure course.
Beautiful mugs (hand made by Hillary Jenkinson and CNOC buffs were the prizes. Thanks to all CNOC members who made this series possible and of course thanks to all who competed. We hope to do a survey in the near future to assess the reaction to the new scatter format. 
Full league results are here