Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Curragh December 2nd Event

Our next event will be on the Curragh plains in Co Kildare.
Start from Sunnyhill. Exit 12 from the M7 and head for Kilcullen. Signs from the Ballymaney roundabout.  

This is the final event in the Leinster League.
Planner Sheamus O Boyle (From his desk in Edinburgh). Controller Pat Healy.
To facilitate us you can pre-enter by clicking this link       Pre-Entry

Pre-Entered              Adult €7 ; Student/OAP €4 ; Family  €15 ; SI Rent €2.
Entry On The Day      Adult €8 ; Student/OAP €5 ; Family  €18 ; SI Rent €2. 

Start Times 1100 to 1300. Courses close at 1500 sharp. 

Brown         10.8k     Technically difficult.
Blue               8,6k     Technically difficult.
Green             6.2k     Technically difficult.
Light Green     4.5k     Technically Moderate
Orange            3.0k     Technically Easy.
Yellow             2.0k     Technically Easy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mountain Biking Orienteering

Curragh Sunday 7th October.

With kind permission from the Defence forces we are pleased to stage this Mountain Bike Orienteering event on the Curragh. The terrain consists of short grass with some tracks and various bumps and hollows to negotiate. It is mostly not technically difficult cycling. The grass is more physically demanding than you would expect.

Start Lumville House.

Exit the M7 at exit 12 and follow the sign for Kilcullen. Take the next left (1km) and next right (50m).

Start Time 11:00 to 12:00. NOTE last start is at 12:00

Due to the heavy going the courses have been shortened. 1 x A3 map will be provided.
The map scale 1:15,000.

Courses: Long 16km. Short 13km.
Entry Adult €10.00 Student €6.00

Click Here for PRE-ENTRY.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Top Result at the Junior Worlds

Conor Short laid waste to the best Irish Long Distance performance at the Junior Worlds in Slovenia today.

48. Short Conor                     Ireland                  88.56    +19.10

We are waiting for a "short" write up that will be hot off the presses.
Go on the CNOC

Monday, June 18, 2012


Forecast is dry and sunny for our event and Barbie next Tuesday evening.

Start times 18:00-19:30.

Pre-Enter at http://tinyurl.com/CNOCSUMMER

Friday, June 15, 2012

Curragh Results + Hollywood BBQ

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came to the event today. The final league standings will be published at the Barbeque in Hollywood next week. We will try and fix any duplicate name issues that come to our attention.

Results are now up at http://orienteering.ie/builder.php3?MoreResults-1937.

Worth noting is that someone left a set of keys behind! If they're yours call Don Short on 08725916(zero)1

The last of the summer evening events will be in Hollywood Forest next Tuesday 19th June. We are hopeful that after the downpour on the Curragh last Tuesday it might be drier than usual at Hollywood!

Directions: from the N81 Blessington-Baltinglass about 10km south of Blessington turn east on the R756 Glendalough road, and take the 2nd turn left into Hollywood village, grid ref. N 940 056. Parking and Registration will be in the village, as will the post-event Barbecue. Start and Finish will be beside each other at the forest entrance about 300m beyond the village. Download will be in the village - please don't forget to download!

Start times 18:00 to 19:30. Courses close at 20:30. SI electronic timing will be used, SI cards will be available to rent if don't own one. Please let us know in advance if you are bringing a group.

You can pre-register here: http://tinyurl.com/CNOCSUMMER and pay at the event, or you can just arrive and register.

Ruth Lynam is planning the courses: Score: find as many controls as you can with a time limit of 50 mins. Short Adventure: 3.2 km, straightforward navigation, some difficult terrain, full leg cover advised. There will be an option to leave out some controls - 1.4 km, slightly easier terrain.

After the event the end-of-season Barbecue and the Summer League prize-giving will be in Tutty's pub in Hollywood.

Monday, June 11, 2012

CNOC on the Curragh

Just a reminder, pre-registration for the CNOC Summer Series event on the
Curragh closes in just over 12 hours at midday tomorrow.
Pre-register here http://tinyurl.com/CNOCSUMMER

This is the last of the 4 events to count in the Summer League, your last
chance to gain points - the best 3 results count.
League standings after 3 events are at http://tinyurl.com/CNOCleague.
In all classes the lead could change if runners who have only run in 2
events show up tomorrow.

On the Long course veteran Angus Tyner leads junior Jonathan Quinn, but
Gerard Butler could still take the lead if he runs.
David Masterson is leading the Medium course, but junior Cian May & veteran
Heather Wood are not far behind, and Justin May & Siobhan Delaney are in
good positions after running 2 events.
The Short course is a battle of the 10s and 12s, with Shannon Baillie just
ahead of Caoimhe May & Laoise Ryan.
Zoe Tyner is the only runner to have completed 3 Adventure courses and looks
well in the lead, though Clodagh Rea might just challenge her.

Directions to the Curragh event: from the M7 Curragh exit head towards
Kilcullen, and after 1.8 km turn right (orienteering sign here).  From the
Kilcullen direction this is the first turn left after Athgarvan school.
Keep right at the fork, turn left at the T-junction and keep left to the
parking at grid ref N 809 092.
Parking, Registration, Start & Finish are all close to each other.
Start times 18:00 to 19:30.  Courses close at 20:30.
SI electronic timing will be used, SI cards will be available to rent if
don't own one.

Ruairi Short has planned 4 courses:
Long: 6.5 km, technically difficult, full leg cover advised.
Medium: 3.7 km, technically difficult, full leg cover advised.
Short: 2.1 km, straightforward navigation.
Adventure: 4.5 km, straightforward navigation.

The final event in the Summer Series will be on Tue 19th June in Hollywood,
West Wicklow, including  prize-giving and the end-of-season barbecue.

In other news, the Irish Selection races were held in Scotland over the last weekend as well as the Irish 3 Day.
Reports a coming

Sunday, May 27, 2012

CNOC SS 3 - Hill Wood

The 3rd event in the CNOC Summer Orienteering Series will be next Tuesday evening 29th May in Hillwood Forest, also known as Moore Abbey, beside Monasterevin.

Hill Wood Forest*

There will be signs from the Monasterevin North Exit (No.14) off the M7. The forest entrance is about 2km from Monasterevin on the R417 Athy road.

Start times 18:00 to 19:30.
Courses close at 20:30. SI electronic timing will be used, SI cards will be available to rent if don’t own one.

Please let us know in advance if you are bringing a group. You can pre-register here: http://tinyurl.com/CNOCSUMMER and pay at the event, or you can just arrive and register at the event.

There will be 3 courses:
Long 5.0 km, 25 controls, technically and physically difficult, full leg cover definitely needed.
Medium 3.5 km, 19 controls, technically difficult, full leg cover needed.
Short Adventure 3.0 km, 9 controls, straightforward navigation, mostly on tracks.

The Series takes a break on the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday, returning with an event on the Sunnyhill area of the Curragh on Tue 12th June, and finishing up on Tue 19th June in Hollywood, West Wicklow, including the end-of-season barbecue.

*This is not actually Hillwood, this is Lunsen in Sweden. But they have one thing in common. They are both forests!

Friday, May 25, 2012

European Championships... and Donadea destroyed by 10's

Last week was the European Championships in Sweden.
CNOC had 3 runners involved, Hugh Cashel, Conor Short and Niamh O'Boyle.
Full reports of the fun can be found on the Senior Squad blog - http://irishseniororienteering.wordpress.com/

Away from the glaring lime light of our CNOC members conquering Europe there were more pressing matters closer to hand at home to deal with.

Summer Series 2 at Donadea. Results can be found here

After 2 events, Jonathan Quinn (GEN) has the lead on the Long course with Maeve O'Grady (DFO) as first female.
On the Medium course, its tight at the top between a bunch of juniors, with Siobhan Delaney (CNOC W16) leading, closing followed by David Masterson (CNOC, no longer a junior) followed by Ruairi Long (Ajax M14).
On the short course it a battle of the 10's with Shannon Bailie, Caoimhe May and Oisin May all there or there abouts.
On the Adventure course, Zoe Tyner SET (another W10) looks to have an almost uncatchable lead after two events.

Next up is Hillwood. Kicks off on Tuesday the 29th.
More details to follow.

Hugh at finish of the European Long race.. on TV!
(excuse the bad picture, their are better ones and he even set me a report, which is in my inbox, along with a lot of other cnoc related stuff. I'll get around it to it, later, hopefully. )

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Series

Sorry about all of the delays of late.
Computer problems.

Full results from the Curragh are available here http://orienteering.ie/builder.php3?MoreResults-1918
Our next event will be in Donadea Forest Park on the evening of Tue 22nd May (ie TODAY).
Please note that the barrier will be open from 17:45 to 18:45. Otherwise you will have to pay to enter the forest.
Start times 18:00 to 19:30.  Courses close at 20:30 promptly. The gates close automatically at 21:00.
Pre Entry is available here. http://tinyurl.com/CNOCSUMMER
There will be 4 courses:
Long approx 7 km, technically and physically difficult, full leg cover definitely needed.
Medium approx 5 km, technically difficult, full leg cover needed.
Short approx 2 km, straightforward navigation, mostly on tracks
Adventure Run approx 5 km, straightforward navigation, mostly on tracks
SI electronic timing will be used.
Tue 29th May Hillwood, just outside Monasterevin on the Athy road.
Tue 12th June Curragh East.
Tue 22 June Hollywood, West Wicklow, including end-of-season barbecue.
 Enjoy the sunny evening.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Euro's 2012

and no, I'm not talking about Poland.

The Irish Squad are off to Sweden.
Niamh O'Boyle and Hugh Cashel both Gothenburg based CNOC athletes are competing.

Niamh ran in the Middle Distance yesterday and Hugh ran in the Long Distance today.
I have no idea who's running what but all information can be found at www.eoc2012.se including maps, results, GPS and everything orienteering related.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CNOC Summer Series Pre Entry

The link to pre enter is this link.


Advantage of pre enter is no hassle on the day, just rock up and run! Couldn't be easier!
and the organisers will love you for it - you type so we don't have to!

For those that don't want to pre enter, please, please, please have your SI card registered here.

The Summer Series will take in the usual haunts of Donadea, Hillwood, Curragh and Hollywood.

Siobhan Delaney in Mullaghmeen 

Full reports on the final Leinster League race and the National Championships is coming soon.
Once someone writes them.

Possible titles include "How to lose the Leinster League and IOC Relay in two easy steps".
There will be an editors editor to try remove any bias...
Not that we here at CNOC HQ would be biased about anything

Thursday, April 12, 2012

JK Report

Last weekend the JK was held in the Perthshire Region in Scotland.
A number of CNOC runners were making the trip over and we even had the support of one of Conor's Swedish friends to fill up the relay teams!

The event started on Friday afternoon with a Sprint in Livinston. The morning was spent looking for food in the nearby, absultely massive, shopping centre. Speculation as to whether Seamus had travelled or not was the topic of the day and his eventual arrival prompted many attempts to damage Colm's psyche. We all jogged up to the start and prepared for the race. I was out in front of Seamus by 2 minutes and Chris Smithard (Bristish Sprint champion of two weeks ago) was 1 minute behind me. I went out HARD

Ruairi on speed?

which was foolish and had a hesitation on #1 dropping about 5seconds. Pulled it together then and was clean for 2,3,4 but missed the proper route choice to 5 dropping more seconds. Then on #7, I got to it just behind Mike Long but he allowed me punch it before him. Smithard eventually cuaght me at 12 and I only stayed with him until 13 when he took off up the hill. The rest of the course went fine except for how exceptionally tired I felt near the end and I tailed off in the hilly park area at the end. The results then made interesting viewing. Colm was first of the Irish coming in 13th place and Shea was a minute behind him. Then I came in 40seconds down on Shea with the rest of the Irish present in a 4 second window behind me! Good start to the weekend, CNOC dominating the Irish.

Cheater - used performance enhancing training!

In the Womens Elite Sprint, Niamh showed the rest of the O'Boyle clan how its meant to be done finishing 9th, 7seconds to 6th!
Full results from Sprint
A head cam from the Mens Elite Sprint race

Caoimhe (17th in W16), better than Niamh?

The middle was another story. We arrived at the assembly to realise it was going to be an uphill slogfest at the end of the course with the route to the start being entirely downhill! I went out trying to take it easier today but missed #1 (although I have yet to talk to anyone who actually got it...) [What Ruairi is trying to say in a PC way was that the map was wrong] after going through the dodgy vegetation. Headed off to #2 and veered slighly left only to meet Gerard who had started 6 mins in front of me! Then things sped up a little. On the way to #4 the two of us stopped as we were confronted with an unmapped wall of green but we didn't lose as much time as most. The veg continued to be odd all the way to 8 where we saw Colm, who went out 4min in front of me, leaving the control. Ger took off after him leaving me struggling. As I saw them disappear in the the marshy distance I lost the power in my legs and made a complete haimes of 11 dropping 1:30 and any chance of seeing them again was out the window. Managed to get my legs to work (just about) for the last part of the course but Kris Jones was still able to fly past me up the huge hill at the end. Less good performance from CNOC today with Marcus and Darren showing us how it's done. Conor showed that Sweden is having some good effects being the third Irish on the day and ahead of myself, Colm, Shea and Hugh who didnt have great days. On other courses, Ruth was disappointed to only be sitting in 4th (+2:12) place on her course and Niamh was showing that she is on her way back on W21E. Regina on W21L was happy with her race and was looking forward to Craig a Barns with the rest of us.
Full results here
A blank map from the Mens Elite course and Womens Elite course.

Day 3 was the much anticipated Long Distance on Craig aBarns. Its also a famous place for Rock Climbing as can be seen here. There are over 70 climbs and lines in the area.

Craigy B!

After a pretty monster climb to get to the start for the Long distance where I watched Shea and Colm go out with their 9 and 3 minute gaps on me respectively. I went out easy as I knew it would be long. Kept it tight at the start until #6 where I suddenly saw Colm running back up the hill. I had a rush of blood and pegged it down where he was coming from, I very quickly called myself an idiot, having known the control was above me the entire time. Hit it just behind Colm and he put the foot down to get away from me. I kept going at my pace yet both of us messed up #7 by about a minute. Colm was looking tired so I kept plugging away and got to #8 just ahead of him, decided I had the beating of him so I dropped him (he'll tell you he was tired and made a bad route choice, but I'm sure that's lies...) Kept up the standard pace and caught Shea as he wandered around some green areas in the North of the map. He followed me into the control and then helped me find the next one... I then started to take strips of him on the hill out the the valley. Never saw him again and was by myself until the damn steep climb on the long leg. Caught another guy and then felt some punishment for the last few controls. Got away from him near the end and came in happy. Pulled off 21st on the day and overall, second of the Irish behind on Marcus in 15th. Colm and Shea had disasters lacking in energy and tehnical skills, but much banter over the last few controls on how delicious a kendal mint cake would be, before Shea took advantage of Colm cramping and ran sprinted off. Hugh didn't show his Swedish skills having gone down with a bad ankle. Conor did well on M20E with a top ten finish, getting lucky as Anton smashed his compass. It was a perfect set up for some fantastic racing the next day. Ruth finished 5th on the day but stayed in 4th overall and was very disappointed. Bernie O'Boyle was 7th on W50S with daughter Niamh once again having a solid race to finish in 17th but claims to need more training.
Results here. Seamus's map here. His main comment post race was something a long the lines of "feed me" and "my legs".

The last day was the relay on Newtye Hill. Hill was an understatement.

Picturesque... and painful!

The mass start went straight into a huge climb to the first as Conor and his Swedish buddy, Anton, were fighting it out for glory. At the end we saw them coming with Anton absolutely hammering it and Conor only seconds behind. Neither looked too healthy when they crossed the line. The came in close together to set up another ego fight of Shea vs. Colm. There could only be one winner of the day as Colm came in nearly 3 mins ahead after Shea missed the central butterfly control one of the times he went through it. Both claimed to have the longer gaffle at every opportunity. Anything to not lose face.
I set off up the hill with tired legs with no fear of being caught. Saw Hector Haines and Kris Jones fighting out for second and it was nice to be out at the same time as them instead of waiting for the mini mass start. I was suffering badly on the hills and was crossing the wall on the long leg to 11 when I noticed Hugh was on me. He had hammered the start of the course. This didnt look good. I tried to hold him off but he was running strong. He hit 11 just before me and stopped dead... "S!#t" he says. I felt momentary joy until I read my descriptions which also suggested I was at the wrong control... Checked again but was right, punched and caned it down the hill while he was left to find himself. Never saw him again but leaving the quarry of 14 I saw Marcus coming up the hill. This was worse. The climb was pretty much over I told myself (what a lie!) and tried to pick up the pace.

Ruairi, Old Man, Marcus (R to L)
This does not imply that Marcus is the old man

Put a small bit of time into Marcus on the steep downhill into the spectator but missed 17 by a meter, saw a yellow and blue top coming over the rock and thought it was Marcus, but it was only Matthew Speake. I tried to hang onto him for dear life, which was fine until I got to the actual last climb. I was dying but there was no sign of Marcus yet so I just tried to keep moving, only to discover I was missing the second last, recovered with only about 2seconds lost but then I saw him. He had had the shorter gaffle so I ran to ger to the path about a meter in front of him. From then on it was all pain. Ran down the hill to the last, hear shouts for my name intensify as cheers for Marcus joined them. I felt panic when I hit the tiny tiny incline on the run-in as I had nothing left but Colm was going crazy so I decided to put some randomer between me and Marcus to make it harder for him to pass me... [Editors note: The lunge was pretty dam impressive] Turns out he was on our course so I finished the team in 12th...
Best CNOC result in a long time that we know about and we were happy. Hugh had a pretty bad end to his course it turns out. The CNOC ladies came 4th on the women's short after Niamh and Caoimhe had blistering runs and Ruth couldn't quite live up to the standard... Overall a good weekend for most

Full Results
Hero head cam of Mens First Leg
Colms map from Leg 2 (note the climb back up from 11 to 10. Shea had to run that...twice!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

JK 2012

With a lot of CNOC runners still in Scotland training, I will only give a quick team update.

Niamh, Caoimhe and Ruth had monster runs in the Womens relay and finished 4th.

In the Mens relay, CNOC had 2 teams. The first team was Conor, Colm and Ruairi. The 2nd team were Anton, Seamus and Hugh.
Anton got the better of Conor, Colm got the better of Seamus and Hugh gave Ruairi a scare.
Results, but sometimes, pictures speak louder than words... :)

Full report to follow

Monday, April 2, 2012

Leinster League 5

Dysart was the location for 5th race in the Leinster League Series 2012.
The excitement of a new map brought people down from Dublin and even up from Cork.

123 runners grace the results list which can be found here.
Routegadget and winsplits are also available.

Top CNOC runners on the day were Seamus O'Boyle (4th Brown), Pat Healy (6th Blue), Ruth Lynam (2nd Green) and Peter Dobbyn (5th L. Green).

The league results can be found here with 5 out of 6 events completed.

A big thank you goes to all those that helped out on the day and before and after!
From kits to si to entries to mapping and everything in between.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

British Orienteering Championships

Last weekend brought the British Orienteering Champs to York. These races acted for the Irish as the first of the World Championship Qualifying races. Three CNOC runners headed east to race against the best in GB and see where they stood after a hard winters training.

Saturday was the British Sprint Championships. The heats were in the morning with the finals in the evening.
Each heat had 40 on the start list with only the top 6 qualifying for the A final.

All of the Irish M21 runners were in the one heat, Heat B, Ruairi Short, Gerard Butler, Shane Lynch and Colm Hill. A coincidence?
Only Shane Lynch (CorkO) could qualify for the A final finishing in 6th place.
Both Ruairi (20th @ +1:20) and Colm (10th @ +14sec) weren't quiet up to pace and missed qualification to the A final.
Regina Kelly was CNOC's only female runner and ran in heat C. Sadly, there were some other extremely talented runners such as World Champion Linnea Gustafsson. Heat Results: M21-B, W21-C.

Colm on the run in of the Heats

In the afternoon, were the Finals. These races were World Ranking Events.
Ruairi (21st) and Regina (50th) came away with new WRE Score PB's. Colm came away bitter (whats new) with a 4th place finish and a race that could have being after a blistering second half to the course.

With day one done and dusted, it was wrapped up in a small Italian restaurant inside the medieval walls of York.

Results from the final. Heat maps (Ruairi, Colm) and Final maps (Ruairi, Colm)

Sunday morning dawned foggy - a common theme of York apparently.

Rocking up to the event, it had the feel of a small JK. The warm up map was essential to try get into the veg changes and all the tiny pits. The courses had 0 (zero!) climb on the control descriptions!
Flat terrain, rough ground, fast going in places and furious map reading at speed where tiny mistakes were severely punished. Think - a long sprint.

Colm and Ruairi both entered the race confident, one being properly orienteering fit for the first time and one with his head in the right space for the first time - there was a calm excitement lingering.

After the race, Ruairi was happy with his run

"This was fast and very very flat. Overall I'm quite happy with this. I think that running wise I'm closer than I have been and I was the least nervous about any big race than ever before. Had misses on 3,5 and 6 and bad direction on 13.
Apart from this orienteering was good and I kept pushing for most of the way, except I died a little at the end."

Ruairi finished 35th in 38:04. Map.

Ruairi leaving the final control

After the race, Colm just lay on the ground, panting for breath and every now and then, a curse follow by number 20 would escape.

"Heading to 20, I miss read the map, saw my control, said thats not mine and continued on... then I realised it actually was. I had to hammer the rest of the course. Its great to be running in such a strong field where every tiny mistake is punished. Really makes one focus on the little things."

Colm finished 27th in 36:38. Map.

Some success, some failings. Bring on the JK and Round 2 of WOC Qualification.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pre Enter!

Pre enter for the Leinster League event here!

No filling out forms, no queuing to fill out forms!
Just rock up, pay and collect your control descriptions - AND the organisers will be happy out for less typing!

For those that don't want to pre register, REGISTER your SI CARD NOW anyways!
Link here.

See you at the weekend

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Its that time of year (three months ago) where we need to sort out CNOC membership.
A new 2012 membership form has being linked here, on the right under Club Documents and on the right under Club Links. So there are three places for you to click. No excuses.

Benefits of being a CNOC member include:
-The best looking O gear on the Irish circuit.
-You are eligible to become Irish Champion
-You are eligible to race internationally as you become a member of the IOA.
-You are eligible to be selected for the JHI, SHI and/or VHI (I have yet to find someone that has raced both the JHI and VHI - but, ya never know!)
-Relay entires paid
-Cool buffs
-The chance to help out a CNOC events
-Free tea/coffee/pint at the AGM where you might be one of the lucky ones to get elected!
-It makes orienteering on the Curragh easier*
-Access to the CNOC map archive. A place to upload your GPS'd maps too.
-You also have the added benefit of when you rock up to an event, people think, "dam it, CNOC have shown up. We won't stand a chance now".
-A scientific study conducted in Sweden also show that being a member of CNOC aids in relocation*

So, get your membership in sooner rather than later.

*may be a lie

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CNOCs next Event

Carrigmeal Forest, Dysart, Stradbally.

Photo: Kent Clemmons

The area is located South of the N80 between Portlaoise and Stradbally.

How to get there
The event will be signposted off the N80. For those travelling from the Dublin take the M7 as far as exit 16. Follow the signs for Stradbally/Carlow which will lead you on to the N80. The forest is located adjacent to the well known Heritage Site of the Rock Of Dunamase, just a few minutes drive from the M7.

General Description
 This is a new area to orienteering.  It is a mixed forest with some open areas surrounded by farmland centred on four significant hills. The forest has a large number of limestone features and boulders with significant areas of very runnable forest augmented by a network of tracks and ruined walls.

Scale 1:10,000 with 5 Metre Contours, Size A4
Surveyed 2012 by Oliver Clear (DFO/CNOC) and Pat Healy (CNOC).
This is a new map to orienteering.

Map Samples

8.3 km

6.4 km

5.4 km

Lt Green
4.4 km

3.1 km

1.8 km

Parking is located in a field adjacent to the start which has kindly been provided by the landowner. A second car park in located just to the North of the Start in the grounds of a farm house. Exit this car park via the wooden gate in the southern fence. This track leads directly up hill to the start. Parking is limited so people are requested to car pool. No parking should take place on the small road that leads to the parking area.

Located adjacent to the start in the upper car park.

The start is located adjacent to the car park. Starts will be from 1100hrs to 1300hrs.

Results will be on display during the event near registration in assembly area and will be published on the internet

Sportident electronic punching

General Information
The field adjacent to the start and through which all courses will cross has recently been planted with small saplings. While these are not immediately visible, competitors are requested not to run through open fields unless on a clear track. The courses have been designed so as competitors should use the edges of open fields and designated crossing points. The terrain in general is not suited to prams or buggies

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Orienteering in the Spring Sun

Three down, three to go in the Leinster Spring Cup!

Russmore Forest, Brockagh and Glendasan have being swamped by orienteers and so far as good for CNOC runners. Congratulations must go to CNOC and DUO orienteer Regina Kelly on helping DUO to take the Team Title in the Womens event at the Irish Student Championships that was held in conjunction with the Leinster Spring Cup on Glendasan.

League tables and all that jazz can be found here.

CNOC's next event is Carrigmeal Forest on the 1st of April. But before that there is a far more serious and energy sapping event to take place. The CNOC AGM!

A message from the no 2 on the CNOC chain of command

This year’s CNOC AGM will be held in Lumville House, the Curragh, at 21:00 on Tue 20th March.
Minutes from last year’s AGM will be available on the CNOC website soon http://www.cnoc.ie/.
Ruth Lynam

I've heard that the map is excellent and the planning and controlling is top notch.
I'll post the minutes to the site when I get them.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Early Season

What goes bump in the night?

CNOC held the final race of the Dublin by Night series on the Curragh. The courses were planned by Seamus and were well recieved - generally. Seamus himself had the fastest time on the course coming home in 30mins, Colm was 2nd in 31 and Ruairi Short 3rd in 32mins.
The short course was probably slightly overly challenging.
Don manned the computers, then legged it off home to catch the rugby, as well as a few of the DNFer's on the Long. Needless to say, many were disappointed.

Results and Routegadget etc are here.

Well it ain't Ruairi Short! Ruairi walked away with the Dublin by Night series win. With 2 induvidual wins and 2 runners up spots and a lost SI card, it was enough to give him the win 297 points clear of Three Rocks Gerard Butler. Ex CNOC athlete Aonghus "Guss" Cleirigh (M50) took the final podium place. On womans long, Ruth Lyman was well clear of Mary O'Connell (Three Rock).

Results and tables here.

Last week the Leinster Spring Cup kicked off. The first race was held in Rossmore Forest Park hosted by Fingal. CNOC had 7 athletes present. Caomihe and Siobhan did a 1,2 on Green. Colm and Ruairi did a 1,2 on Brown and Ruth Lynam was 3rd on Blue behind 2 M16s that were going neck and neck. Tony Lawlor was 2nd M45 on Blue also. Results and stuff here.

This weekend was the Leinster Spring Cup on Brockagh. This was hosted by GEN and included tea and coffee afterwards. A bigger turn out of CNOC runners with 9 showing up. Results and stuff here.

Next weekend is a Leinster Spring Cup on Glendasan (across the road from Brockagh). It incorporated the Student Champs and it also has a prize for King of the Mountains. Clearly this leg alone will make it be worth travelling to the event for!

I'll try keep this blog more up to date. Any news from around the O world, get in touch.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So 2011 has come and gone.

The club was fairly active across the World. We got lost in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Scotland, Switzerland and some people got very very very lost in France.

So whats on the list for 2012.

Looking at my highly detailed calender, CNOC have a few races coming up
Jan 22 Donadea (local)
Feb 11 Curragh (NightO - see the blog on headlamps)
April 1 [TBA] (Spring Cup)
June - July Summer Series

Other events to note are the JK in Scotland on the 6-9th of April, the Irish Champs down in Kerry from the 5-7th of May and the Irish 3 Day in Galway from the 2-4th of June. The Leinster Championships won't be on till next September and will be hosted by Ajax.

Now, who intends to be the first person to spike 2012 controls?

Control at the base of a nameless Wicklow snow covered mountain