Monday, June 20, 2011

Jukola 2011

The CNOC team finished 295th at Jukola. Detailled team results are here.

Halden took the victory by 4 minutes from Kalevan Rasti.

The CNOC team is en route home and a full report will follow.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meet the Team

from left to right: Conor, Ruairi, Shea, Kev, Niamh, Hugh, Colm

Leg 1: Conor “only good at music” Short
Favourite orienteering technique: Relocating, I use it the most
Result most proud of: Beating Seamus at Shamrock
Result most ashamed of: (thinks deeply...) Will answer after Jukola
Orienteer they admire the most: My mammy
Most annoying habit: Singing and playing piano

Leg 2: Ruairi “the clue is in the name” Short
Favourite orienteering technique: Contouring, cause i’m unfit
Result most proud of: Beating Seamus at Shamrock
Result most ashamed of: Irish squad score-o (note: this was a personal event)
Orienteer they admire the most: My Daddy
Most annoying habit: Turning a negative into a positive, when it is still a negative.

Leg 3: Seamus “where’s the car” O’Boyle
Favourite orienteering technique: Following Seamus “where’s the car” O’Boyle
Result most proud of: Winning the CNOC Summer Series
Result most aSeamused of: See appendix A
Orienteer they admire the most: Seamus “wheres the car” O’Boyle
Most annoying habit: Talking about Seamus “wheres the car” O’Boyle. Never helping unless Ciara is around

Leg 4: Kevin “the putt master” O’Boyle
Favourite orienteering technique: Making the same mistake again, and again, and again... (also applies to orienteering)
Result most proud of: Beating Seamus at Shamrock
Result most ashamed of: Been beating by Colm at Shamrock
Orienteer they admire the most: My older brother (Cian)
Most annoying habit: Laughing about not showering

Leg 5: Niamh “the fat controller” O’Boyle
Favourite orienteering technique: Pretending I’m injured
Result most proud of: Still havn’t been beaten by Caoimhe
Result most ashamed of: Anytime Dad beats me
Orienteer they admire the most: My younger brother (Cian)
Most annoying habit: Running Jukola (they invented Venla for a reason)

Leg 6: Hugh, who? You? Me? No! Hugh Cashell
Favourite orienteering technique: Asking for directions
Result most proud of: Beating Seamus at Shamrock without actually being present
Result most ashamed of: See appendix B
Orienteer they admire the most: Roger Federer. He’s Swiss, so he’s probably good.
Most annoying habit: Overly competitive, a red head, plays cricket, from trinity, a posh Dubliner, continued overleaf (see appendix C)

Leg 7: Colm “the track fairy” Hill
Favourite orienteering technique: Pure blind random luck
Result most proud of: Beating Seamus at Shamrock
Result most ashamed of: Name a race. No seriously, any race.
Orienteer they admire the most: Not applicable.
Most annoying habit: His watch that beeps every hour during the night. Complaining. Complaining about people not training. Complaining about not complaining enough. See all appendices.

Disclaimer: Seamus does not endorse these comments

Crazy Golf

The Putt Master in action

Planning the line

Team spirit

Training map

Here is the map that we have been training on for the past 2 days, just to the west of the competition area

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jukola Training, debrief

When Conor was asked to describe Night Jukola training in Finnish terrain, his eyes lit up and the only word he could say was "Awesome!"

Starting out, the map was tough to get a handle on, but starting in the twilight helped to get used to the map before darkness fell completely (think able to run in forest but difficult to read the map kinda darkness). The Night Group ran as a pack, taking different route choices to controls to see which kind of terrain is better to run in as the event gets closer. The splitting of the group allowed them to sample more terrain types in the limited time available. As an example green is green and should be avoided, until the massive elephant tracks form motorways through it. The plan was to do a short 5km course, but, as happens when orienteering in Finland, the terrain is so fun they "accidentally" did the full 9.5km course. They arrived home at approx 02:00... they are still asleep (except Conor, who was sleeping on the floor(not on the floor tonight, apparently!)).

The day group had similar experiences to the night group. Niamh took the day off after running the World Cup race in the morning. The other 3 day runners ran the 5km course in the technical terrain, taking different routes and waiting at the next control to discuss the leg and how to improve on it. It makes the orienteering more social; unlike running alone, getting lost and being an hour behind everyone else at the finish after each mistake just makes the next mistake worse.

The groups will do a second and final training session today before finally moving into the luxurious accommodation that is a Finnish Military tent at the Jukola arena!!

Updates to follow

CNOC Jukola Team

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jukola: 2 days

Jukola 2011 is being held in Salpa, Finland. A top CNOC squad is on hand to see where we match up against the best clubs in the world. Most clubs spend months training in the hope of bringing their club the glory of winning the most coveted of relay titles. CNOC, well, we reckon we can get away with 2...days!

Of the 1,486 teams, CNOC 1 was given the number 756. This means that Conor is in the middle of the mass start, the very middle. The last time Jukola was held in this area, the winning team ran a blistering 06:21 min/k.

The team make-up is Conor Short on leg 1, Ruairi Short leg 2, Seamus O’Boyle leg 3, Kevin O’Boyle leg 4, Niamh O’Boyle leg 5, Hugh Cashell leg 6 and Colm Hill on leg 7. The legs were decided in no particular order, but we reckon we have the best line-up possible.

Training today was in two separate groups: the night group, Legs 1-3 and the day group, Legs 4-7. Its 22:00, its still extremely bright and the night group is not back. In fact, they mightn’t even have started.

Profiles and an update on how the training camp/taper/pre race prep is going will follow tomorrow.

Team CNOC out.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Irish WOC Team Announced

CNOC have 3 athletes off to the tough technical slopes of the French Alps to represent Ireland at the World Orienteering Championships.
Niamh O'Boyle will run the Sprint and Middle Distance.
Seamus O'Boyle will run the Sprint.
Ruairi Short will run the Long Distance.

The Relay teams will be selected according to WOC week performances.

We wish them all the best of luck.