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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

From the archives

At the recent event on 3rock I picked up a number of old IOA magazines. There were two articles that caught my attention.
From Aug/Sept 1988:The IOF congress discussed making orienteering available for television by tracking competitors electronically through the forest. The Swedish O fed and and the IOF were working on an electronic tracking system that would display a runners position on a map shown on a tv screen, a moving blip will indicate the runners position and the computor programme will take into account topographical abnormalities like re-entrants from which a small tansmittor carried by each competitor may not be detectable by the tracking system.

Those attending the meeting were impressed with the idea "IMAGINE IT" being able to monitor the race in the forest as easily as that!

Then the sole russian delegate spoke for the first time weighing his words
"This is all very good but we tried it five years ago. We also had a transmitter linked to the runners shoe so we could tell when he stopped running"
Stunned Silence followed,
We have come a long way since then when we can watch live orienteering events around the world on the Web, imagine that...

From June/July 1990 Orienteering Nass held a very succesful series of four evening events followed by a BBQ ( A Nass speciality) at Blessington. Contrary to report in TIO46 about Nass and Curragh amalgamating, Eileen Loughman informs us that the two clubs are coexisting in harmony. When did they amalgamate after this ?

This coming weekend sees the Connacht Champs in Portumna and our junior mmembers will train in the Slieve Blooms before attending the event. Best of luck to all taking part.

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