Monday, November 29, 2010

CROC 10'

This weekend was the Connacht Regional Championships held in Portumna Forest Park in Galway.
A large gathering of junior squad members however first braved the icy roads and freezing forest of Knockbarron for some technical training. The training was held under the watchful eyes of IJS managers of Ruth and Greg with Darren, Marcus, Ruairi and Colm on shadowing duty as the juniors were put through there paces in sub zero tempetures. The orienteering training was wrapped up with a heated mass start looped relay event. Before retiring to Birr hostel where dinner was already cooked!!

The evening was spent on lectures on how to analysis maps by Marcus Pinker (mapper). Before a talk on physical training.

The Connacht Champs awaited everyone on Sunday morning.
First of 11 CNOC runner into the forest was Pat Healy.
No winners on the cold Sunday morning... but its the taken part that counts!
(better get the skates on and start training!)

CNOC Results

3rd Ruairi Short
4th Colm Hill
6th Conor Short

3rd Ruth Lynam

7th Brian Hill

3rd Dee Ryan (DFO??)

2nd Angela Lynch

8th Peter Dobbyn

2nd Eileen Hill

5th Pat Healy

2nd Billy O'Neil

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

From the archives

At the recent event on 3rock I picked up a number of old IOA magazines. There were two articles that caught my attention.
From Aug/Sept 1988:The IOF congress discussed making orienteering available for television by tracking competitors electronically through the forest. The Swedish O fed and and the IOF were working on an electronic tracking system that would display a runners position on a map shown on a tv screen, a moving blip will indicate the runners position and the computor programme will take into account topographical abnormalities like re-entrants from which a small tansmittor carried by each competitor may not be detectable by the tracking system.

Those attending the meeting were impressed with the idea "IMAGINE IT" being able to monitor the race in the forest as easily as that!

Then the sole russian delegate spoke for the first time weighing his words
"This is all very good but we tried it five years ago. We also had a transmitter linked to the runners shoe so we could tell when he stopped running"
Stunned Silence followed,
We have come a long way since then when we can watch live orienteering events around the world on the Web, imagine that...

From June/July 1990 Orienteering Nass held a very succesful series of four evening events followed by a BBQ ( A Nass speciality) at Blessington. Contrary to report in TIO46 about Nass and Curragh amalgamating, Eileen Loughman informs us that the two clubs are coexisting in harmony. When did they amalgamate after this ?

This coming weekend sees the Connacht Champs in Portumna and our junior mmembers will train in the Slieve Blooms before attending the event. Best of luck to all taking part.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

LL Update

Today CNOCer's were racing around the forest in the Vale of Clara.
We had wins, loses, miss punches and a few 180s.

We had runners on all courses except for the yellow and orange.
If there are any reports from the days activities, please feel free to send one on!

At a quick glance, Pat H was 4th on Blue (did he map it?). On Brown, Ruairi changed clubs to DUO... chairman, try keep him on the straight and narrow. Best CNOC runner was Ruth Lynam with the two O'Boyles having a bad day at the office.On green, Dee Ryan was 2nd woman home (1st junior). While Caoimhe was showing people how its meant to be done on the Light Green coming home in 3rd place!
Slightly further back on the Light Green it was a Ryan battle as younger sister Laoise just got the better of older brother Sean - surely Sean will be able to bring his A game to the Curragh and set the order straight in the Ryan household.

The next event is the CROC out West. Best of luck to all our runners.

Also, the eagle eyed will noticed that the photo's are fixed and we now have a few good shots of our WOC finalist Niamh! (thanks to my techy team)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Niamh all smiles post WOC Long

Ive added this photo of Niamh (and her Mammy) at the world champonships,it took me ages so now i need help. I have photos but cannot upload them why, so all you techy orienteers out there HELP!!!!!!!! I dont want advice show me. frustrated web PRO


Monday, November 8, 2010

Senior Home International 2010

CNOC had the largest numbers on the Irish team at Southampton last weekend, I had to borrow the report from the Irish Senior blog which was submitted by Niamh. (Dont forget to submit articles to CNOC)

The Senior Home International was held near Southampton last weekend. After finishing ahead of Wales in 2009, the team were hopeful of repeating the feat this year. With a number of orienteers returning to the international scene, the Irish team was one of the strongest for many years.

A tricky relay in Pamber forest on Saturday saw good results from the men's team finishing in 7th and 8th position, with the team of Darren, Conor and Ruairi best of the Irish. In the women's competition, Faye, Olivia and Ros finished 9th. This meant that overnight, the Irish team was one point behind the Welsh. Relay results and scores.

The individual day dawned bright and sunny and team Ireland were ready to overcome the 1-point deficit. The courses were long and fast - M21 was 17km and was won in 80:58. Best of the Irish were Marcus Pinker 10th in M21, Aislinn Austin 12th in W21, Josh O'Sullivan-Hourihan 7th in M20 and Olivia Baxter 10th in W20. The individual titles were taken home by England's Sarah Rollins (W21) and Graham Gristwood (M21) and Scotland's Hazel Wright (W20) and Ali McLeod (M20). Full individual results can be found here. The Irish M21's out-scored their Welsh counterparts but good performances by the Welsh, particularly in W20, secured victory over Ireland. Full scores are here. England took overall victory with a very strong team that included many of the British World Championships squad.

A good weekend was had by all and a big thank you is due to the organisers of this event. Also a big thank you to the Irish runners who competed. The 2011 Senior Home International is scheduled for 22nd/23rd October in south Wales.

Final Scores:
1. England 54
2. Scotland 48
3. Wales 24
4. Ireland 17

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leinster League Autumn series.

The third round of the Autumn Leinster league was held today on 3rock we had a small turn out of runners.
Storm clouds stayed away and did not deter the large numbers turning out.
We had no runners on the yellow and orange courses. On the Light green course Caoimhe O Boyle showed a clean pair of heels to all challangers winning in a time of 51.07.
Eilen Hill was our only competitor on the green course and finished down the field in 25th position after having a tough day on the hills. Ben O Boyle finished 17th on the blue course. We had all our big guns running on the Brown course with Colm Hill winning and Hugh Cashell finishing second. Senan O Boyle finished 11th and Tony Lawlor finished 16th. Brian Hill opted to run this event which proved to be a poor choice as he DNfed, there was some excuse after his exertions on powerscourt ridge run on Saturday in which he won the junior event.Don Shortt also had a poor outing by his standards as he also DNFed.
For the next event we will hopefully have our international runners back to score valuable points for the club. Some pre race planning should take place so that we can spread runners over all events and hoover up points thereby moving us up the league table.

I picked up some old IOA magazines at the event and will post some info on the site that may be of interest.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

CNOC members on SHI Team

The senior members of the IOA will be attempting to emulate the feats of the junior team that
beat Wales in the recent Home International. They will compete this weekend in New Forest,
Southampton. The team is:

M21: Darren Burke, Gerard Butler, Seamus O'Boyle (CNOC), Colm O'Halloran, Marcus
Pinker and Ruairi Short (CNOC)
M20: Niall Ewen (CNOC), Conor Short (CNOC), Josh O'Sullivan-Hourihan
W21: Aislinn Austin, Rosalind Hussey, Ruth Lynam (CNOC), Niamh O'Boyle (CNOC), Toni
O'Donovan and Faye Pinker
W20: Fiona Hill (CNOC), Olivia Baxter

Good luck to everyone competing.