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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tree Down!

CNOC's third event was held in Hillwood last night with the planner, controller and controller putter outs consisting of Ollie, Orla and Billy.
By my calculations there was a grand total of 119 people out but giving the number of families that were running on the one SI card it was probably more. Without the usual scout troop and military buses coming from the Curragh this event still had a bigger turn out than last year (only 95 runners took part last year).

Some of the forest was nice and runnable, some a bit scrappy, some with a few falling trees (tree down, 3 events done :) ), some sections covered in Blue bells! People made short work of the physical forest with some impressive times been posted.

Reports from the forest were that Gerard Butler set a fast first time until the CNOC juniors/seniors? (perhaps immature is the best word) took off.
Seamus went out one minute in front with the pack consisting of Conor Short, Niall Ewen, Ruairi Short and Colm Hill going out "le Mans" style.
What I do know for definite is that Conor was first to the first control and after that its the usual stories from the forest. I'm sure one of them will have something up on a blog at some stage.

CNOC's top runner on the Medium was David Cullinane in 4th place. Finishing less than 9mins down on the course winner David Healy. Dan Morrogh and Meave O'Grady made up the rest of the top 3. Top junior was Caoimhe O'Boyle finishing 12th over all.

On the short course, Sean Kearns took the honors but was closely followed by brother Donal (both FIN). Top CNOC runners were the Kelly Family - finishing up 12th.

Full results are available here
Splitsbrowser here
Winsplits here
Routegadget here (Draw in your route!!)
Updated League Table here

If anyone has any photos please email them onto me - or race reports!

Next up for CNOC is the Irish 3 Day in Donegal.
I know the numbers won't be as high this year with injuries, Leaving Certs, Junior Certs, College work, Work and a few other suspect reasons for people not travelling the distance (imra, rock climbing tut tut tut).
Good luck to all members who make the travel north and good look to the rest of them in exams.

The end of June is Jukola (7 person Relay starts at 23:00)- its always a good nights entertainment.
Did someone say CNOC team?

And finally.....
CNOC's next event is on the Curragh on June 15th.
Seamus O'Boyle is planner so it should be tricky.
I'll have more info on this was we get closer to the time.

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