Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Series - Hollywood

Last night we had our annual barbie in hollywood and it didn't rain!!

We had 128 runners (so more showed up as a few ran with only one si card). This final event took place in a score race format. Conor Short, fresh from his Chemistry paper took the honours in his home forest with Colm hot on heels. First female was Hazel Thompson.
From what I heard from the forest, Caomihe O'Boyle had the best "vault" of the night. A 10 out of 10 clearing of the gate in front of a big crowd as she took off to finish a credible 23rd.

A little map bagging mistake meant that the short got the adventure and the adventure got the short - apologies about this but sure wasn't it an adventure anyways :)

The Adventure was won by Karen Duggan (SET), not use if she wanted it but a win is a win is a win.
The Short was won in 27:56 by Clodagh Moran (3rock) with 5mins to spare.

Following the event we had the food prepared by Marlena, Rosemary and Denise - A big thank you from everyone goes your way.

Once we had all been fed and watered, CNOC Chairman, Don (aka the boss) gave out the prizes and people were awarded with CNOC Buffs!!

A great evening was had by all - roll on the summer internationals

We currently have 3 of our members abroad at internationals, i'll get reports asap

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