Sun 6th April
Carrigmeal Forest, Dysart, Co. Laois

LOC 2014 Results are on the Irish Orienteering website, including winsplits, splitsbrowser and routegadget. Please draw in your route.
The rain moved off just after the first starters, 203 people headed off into Carrigmeal Forest and re-emerged after varying amounts of time, in various states of dishevelment.  We hope you enjoyed your run in the forest.
A big thanks to all the CNOC members who helped to put on the event.
Also, thank-you to the Junior squad (& their families) for providing the cakes, and thanks to all of you who supported their effort.

A query - there are trophies for Leinster Champions in M21E/L, W21E/L, W18 and W35.  Does anyone know where the W18 & W35 trophies are to be found?

2014 LOC winners, and Leinster Champions if different
M21 Colm Moran 3ROC
W21 Katie Reynolds EUOC      Maeve O'Grady DFO

M10 Jarvis Hodkinson GEN
M12 Peter Reed LVO                Oisin Wickham AJAX
M14 Cian May 3ROC
M16 Robert Pim WatO               Ruairi Long AJAX
M18 Frazer Howe LVO              none
M35 Shane O’Neill
M40 Gints Plaudis WatO             Brendan McCarthy DFO
M45 Angus Tyner SET
M50 Aonghus O’Cleirigh AJAX
M55 Senen O’Boyle CNOC
M60 Liam O'Brien CorkO           John McCullough 3ROC
M65 Wilbert Hollinger LVO        Brendan McGrath 3ROC
M70 Ted Feehan BVOC             Pat Flanagan 3ROC
M75 Frank Martindale 3ROC
M80 Con Carroll 3ROC
M85 Sean Rothery 3ROC

W12 Jordan Pim WatO               Caoimhe May 3ROC
W14 Zoe Tyner SET
W16 Emer Perkins BOC              Eadaoin McCavana GEN
W18 Roisin Long AJAX
W40 Jeni Pim WatO
W45 Una May 3ROC
W50 Heather Cairns LVO            Mary O’Connell 3ROC
W55 Ann Savage LVO                Mary Healy GEN
W60 Aine UiShuilleabhain 3ROC
W65 Jean O’Neill FIN
W70 Clare Nuttall BVOC            Trina Cleary 3ROC
W75 Vera Murtagh 3ROC
W80 Faith White SET

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Entries are now closed.
Thank you to all 200+ of you who have entered.

Final Information
Planner: Pat Healy
Controller: Eileen Loughman
Organiser: Billy O’Neill/Don Short/Ruth Lynam

Venue: Carrigmeal Forest, Dysart, Co. Laois

Important Info
Parking and Assembly open at 10:00
The Start list is full, very few vacant slots
Courses close 15:00 pm
Toilet facilities available but limited.

Start Lists
Start List by Class
Start List by Name

Travel and Parking

Dysart is best accessed from the M7 Dublin - Cork/Limerick motorway.
Take Exit 16 and follow the signs for N80 Carlow.
500m from the exit turn left. signposted N80 Carlow.
2 km along this road at the roundabout turn left, still following signs for N80 Carlow.
2.7 km along this road the parking field is on the right.  Grid Ref.
Time from the motorway exit about 5 minutes.
Parking is in a field, accessed through the back entrance to James Deegan's farmouse, just off the N80 the main Portlaoise  to Carlow Road. As this is a busy road please take care  while crossing and use centre lane road markings.


Surveyed by Ollie Clear and Pat Healy in 2012, and resurveyed the after recent storms in March 2014. The survey was carried out  using  traditional methods - level, staff and compass
Contour interval 5m, scale 1:10000 for all courses.
Maps will be printed on waterproof paper.


Carrigmeal forest is planted across a group of small steep-sided limestone hills.  The forest is mostly mature, with generally good visibility and variable running, some clear-floor fast running, some rocky areas which can reduce speed, and some patches of heavy undergrowth.  There is one field which must be crossed by only by the marked route.

The Start

is 400m from the Assembly area with 15m climb, along a grassy path.  There is an area of newly planted hardwood trees on route to the start, please avoid walking on the young saplings.
There will be no clothing transfer.  The Finish is on the way to start  and clothing can be left there.
Start Times are 11:00 to 13:15.
There is a 3 minute call-up.  Loose control descriptions will be available in the minus 3 min. box.  The map will be on view in the minus 2 min.
Please check your details on the Start List – SI card number, class start time.  Check also that you know which course you are running.
Rental SI cards can be collected on payment of €2 at Registration.
With over 200 entries there are very few vacant start times.  If you are late for your start we will try to facilitate you but you may have to wait a very long time for a start slot.

Course notes

Full leg cover is essential.
There are two marked routes on all courses.  They follow a track through a winter barley field and begin and end at compulsory crossing points.
Course climb is measured by the shortest reasonable route, actual climb may be more or less depending on your route choice.
Courses close at 15:00

Course Details: Lengths (Km) and Climb (metres)

Course   Distance  Climb  Controls  Classes
1            9.6km      500m        33     M21L
2            8.1km      385m        27     W21L M18 M35 M40
3            6.7km      365m        22     M45 M50
4            6.4km      350m        21     M16 M55
5            5.7km      300m        20     M60 M21S
6            4.5km      220m        18     W18 W40 W45 M65
7            4.0km      190m        17     W16 W50 W55 W60 W21S
8            3.5km      180m        16     W14 M14 W65 M70, Entry on the Day Long
9            3.2km        90m        11     W12 M12 W70 W75 W80 W85 M75 M80 M85
11          1.8km        50m          7     W10 M10, Entry on the Day Short


Is located along the route to the start.
Maps will be collected at the Finish until the last competitor has started.

Entry on the Day

There will be two entry on the day courses of approximately Yellow (for beginners) and Light Green (for competitors with experience) standard.  Depending on an adequate supply of maps.
Entry fee is €8 per adult, €4 per junior/student/over-65, €20 per family – details at Registration.


Download is at the Assembly Area.
Please do not forget to download, no matter how embarrassing your result!

Assembly Area and Registration

The Assembly Area is beside the parking field.
Registration will be open from 10:00 for collection of rental SI cards (cost €2), payment for entries, entry-on the day, return of trophies, general enquiries.
Note: Registration will not be able to deal with start time queries.  A Start List will be on display.

First Aid will be available at the Assembly Area.

Results will be displayed in the Assembly area.


Tea and coffee, along with cakes and goodies provided by the Junior Squad, will be available at Assembly. There will be a small charge which will go entirely to the Junior Squad funds.
Please support the squad generously.

Prize Giving

Prizes will be awarded as soon as possible after 15:00 in the Assembly Area.
There will be prizes for first place on the senior courses, and first, second and third on junior and elite courses.  There will be no prizes for Short courses.
Trophies will be awarded to the Leinster Champions in M21L, W21L, W18.
If you are in possession of a Leinster Trophy please make sure it is at Registration in time for the Prizegiving.


Limited toilet facilities will be provided near the start.  It is suggested that orienteers might avail of toilet facilities en route to the event at Mayfield Junction, Monasterevin Exit 14 if coming from the East and Portlaoise Midway if coming from the South; both are convenient to the M7.


Please follow the country code and leave no trace principles.
Orienteering is an adventure sport. Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

2013 Leinster Champions

M21 Gerard Butler 3ROC
W21 Niamh O’Boyle CNOC

M10 Sam Van Gelderen GEN
M12 Aidan McCullough 3ROC
M14 Ruairi Long Ajax
M18 Jonathan Quinn GEN
M20 Eoin McCullough 3ROC
M35 Shane O’Neill
M45 Angus Tyner SET
M50 Aonghus O’Cleirigh Ajax
M55 Sennen O’Boyle CNOC
M60 David Quinn GEN
M65 Brendan McGrath 3ROC
M70 Pat Flanagan 3ROC
M75 Frank Martindale 3ROC
M80 Paddy Walsh SET

W10 Rachel Walsh SET
W12 Zoe Tyner SET
W14 Eadaoin McCavana GEN
W16 Siobhan Delaney CNOC
W18 Roisin Long Ajax
W45 Catherine King Ajax
W50 Mary O’Connell 3ROC
W55 Bernie O’Boyle CNOC
W60 Aine UiShuilleabhain 3ROC
W65 Jean O’Neill Fingal
W70 Maura Higgins Setanta

Carrigmeal Forest was used once before for orienteering, in April 2012, see map below, the results are at Irish Orienteering Results

Queries to cnoc@orienteering.ie

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Carrigmeal Forest, April 2012

Closing date for entries is Wed 26th March.
Entry fees:
Adult    €14
Junior/student/over-65    €7
Family (juniors plus up to 2 adults)    €33.

Classes offered are M/W10 to M/W20, M/W35 to M/W90, M/W21L and M/W21S.

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