How to Enter an Event

Entry System
We use SportIdent (SI) electronic timing, with each competitor using an SI card to register at each control.
If you do not own an SI card you will need to rent one, and fill in a standard entry form at the event.
If you have an SI card but it is not in the IOA archive you need to fill in a standard entry form.
For SI cards registered in the archive we are going to use the 'auto entry from archive' feature in Or. This means that if your SI card details are in the IOA archive you are entered in the computer only after you download.
For this to work we need you to ensure that your SI card is registered correctly on the archive. Check it now by clicking this link:
The course that you select in the archive does not matter as your course will be matched automatically. What you need to ensure is that the SI card that you are going to use has your name associated with it. If the SI card that you use is registered to your aunty Mary then aunty Mary will be in the results and not you.
When you register you will be asked to sign in and give your car number and mobile phone number.
This is for safety purposes only.

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