Monday, February 21, 2022

Post Curragh Sunnyhill - Night O, Sat Feb 26th

 Night orienteering this weekend on Saturday night (Feb 26th 2022) at Sunnyhill the Curragh, Co Kildare.

Start point GPS Coordinates: Lat 53.128100 Lon -6.78990.
Google Maps:

Navigating at night is for the intrepid or experienced only. Any juniors under 16 should be accompanied - it's much more challenging than during the day. The bigger your headtorch the better. Sunnyhill is the technical part of The Curragh. The map Scale is 1:7500, Contours 2.5m and has recently been completely resurveyed Jan2022 with gorse (green) up to date. The long Course for experienced is 6.2km and the short course is 3.5km and is be a great adventure for accompanied younger orienteers (or older unaccompanied ones!).

Points to note:
* Despite the challenge of night orienteering the area is open grassland, gorse
Pits, Depressions and Trench systems. (some are steep and deep).
* The WW1 trench training systems are shown in blue as for ditch symbol.
* Grass tracks and paths are shown in black on the map but are difficult tomake out at night.
* People walking slowly should take up to an hour for the shortest course (it doesn't matter if you don't get all the flags)
* If in doubt pick a shorter course
* You must enter online:
* You don't have to be in a club to take part
* You can go in pairs, groups or individually.
* If you are really unsure you can be facilitated to start before dark.

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