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Friday, May 25, 2012

European Championships... and Donadea destroyed by 10's

Last week was the European Championships in Sweden.
CNOC had 3 runners involved, Hugh Cashel, Conor Short and Niamh O'Boyle.
Full reports of the fun can be found on the Senior Squad blog -

Away from the glaring lime light of our CNOC members conquering Europe there were more pressing matters closer to hand at home to deal with.

Summer Series 2 at Donadea. Results can be found here

After 2 events, Jonathan Quinn (GEN) has the lead on the Long course with Maeve O'Grady (DFO) as first female.
On the Medium course, its tight at the top between a bunch of juniors, with Siobhan Delaney (CNOC W16) leading, closing followed by David Masterson (CNOC, no longer a junior) followed by Ruairi Long (Ajax M14).
On the short course it a battle of the 10's with Shannon Bailie, Caoimhe May and Oisin May all there or there abouts.
On the Adventure course, Zoe Tyner SET (another W10) looks to have an almost uncatchable lead after two events.

Next up is Hillwood. Kicks off on Tuesday the 29th.
More details to follow.

Hugh at finish of the European Long race.. on TV!
(excuse the bad picture, their are better ones and he even set me a report, which is in my inbox, along with a lot of other cnoc related stuff. I'll get around it to it, later, hopefully. )

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