Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Orienteering in the Spring Sun

Three down, three to go in the Leinster Spring Cup!

Russmore Forest, Brockagh and Glendasan have being swamped by orienteers and so far as good for CNOC runners. Congratulations must go to CNOC and DUO orienteer Regina Kelly on helping DUO to take the Team Title in the Womens event at the Irish Student Championships that was held in conjunction with the Leinster Spring Cup on Glendasan.

League tables and all that jazz can be found here.

CNOC's next event is Carrigmeal Forest on the 1st of April. But before that there is a far more serious and energy sapping event to take place. The CNOC AGM!

A message from the no 2 on the CNOC chain of command

This year’s CNOC AGM will be held in Lumville House, the Curragh, at 21:00 on Tue 20th March.
Minutes from last year’s AGM will be available on the CNOC website soon
Ruth Lynam

I've heard that the map is excellent and the planning and controlling is top notch.
I'll post the minutes to the site when I get them.

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