Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dark Art of a Bright Torch

After some complaints that some people cheat by using a better/bigger/brighter light. I decided to throw up a piece on how to compete better at NightO.
Bigger isn't always better!
A complete guide to what torch to use to win* in the Night

Light 1
The candle.
Viewing Map: Crap
Viewing Terrain: More crap

Light 2
Viewing Map: Good
Viewing Terrain: Crap

Light 3
Silva Halogen
Viewing Map: Good (but not great)
Viewing Terrain: Good (but not great)

Light 4
Viewing Map: Poor - Reflection too strong
Viewing Terrain: Excellent

Light 5
Silva Alpha

Viewing Map: Crap - completely blinded
Viewing Terrain: Concentrated Sun!

View when the user is looking at you

* use of a light does not guarantee victory

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