Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jukola: 2 days

Jukola 2011 is being held in Salpa, Finland. A top CNOC squad is on hand to see where we match up against the best clubs in the world. Most clubs spend months training in the hope of bringing their club the glory of winning the most coveted of relay titles. CNOC, well, we reckon we can get away with 2...days!

Of the 1,486 teams, CNOC 1 was given the number 756. This means that Conor is in the middle of the mass start, the very middle. The last time Jukola was held in this area, the winning team ran a blistering 06:21 min/k.

The team make-up is Conor Short on leg 1, Ruairi Short leg 2, Seamus O’Boyle leg 3, Kevin O’Boyle leg 4, Niamh O’Boyle leg 5, Hugh Cashell leg 6 and Colm Hill on leg 7. The legs were decided in no particular order, but we reckon we have the best line-up possible.

Training today was in two separate groups: the night group, Legs 1-3 and the day group, Legs 4-7. Its 22:00, its still extremely bright and the night group is not back. In fact, they mightn’t even have started.

Profiles and an update on how the training camp/taper/pre race prep is going will follow tomorrow.

Team CNOC out.

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