Monday, January 31, 2011

Photos and Money.

Does anyone have any of the following photos - As the IOA webmaster wants to put them on the Irish Championships 2011 website. They are the reigning Irish champions.

- a picture of Niamh O'Boyle
- picture of the CNOC Van Halen team as a group

Ideally hi-resolution orienteering action photos with the faces easily identifiable, anything reasonable will do. For the relay photo
a prizegiving photo is probably best as they would be together. Send me anything you have, even if you think it is only marginally useful. Also send the name of the photographer, the location/event and the date if you have that info. Send the highest resolution version of the photo you have.
please send photos or online links to my gmail address: marcus dot geoghegan

See I told you all take pictures they could be worth money.

While im at it I have recieved two e-mails we have won 300,000 pounds from a british tabacoo company and we have also won 500,000 USD in a mega lottery in the good old USA that should make us the wealtiest Orienteering in the world, If nobody minds I will not bother collecting the money, then again Pat could map the whole of Europe and our Juniors could do some altitude training during the Spring and we could bring back our overseas runners sponsoring them for a couple of years..........

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