Friday, December 10, 2010

Leinster League Curragh East.

We are a go for 11am tomorrow morning.
Colm (Course Planner) and his band of helpers are out placing the controls.
The main roads are clear and some light snow on the side roads. The curragh itself has some snow in places and is a bit sloppy where it has thawed.
At the moment visibility is down to approx 100 metres due to heavy fog will it lift ?? it adds to the challange.

As Robin Williams once said about fog, (Paraphrased)

“There are so many beautiful parts of the world . . . Thailand, Italy, the south of France (Curragh). There are places in Spain that are astonishing. But here . . . 1 mile and you go up on to the curragh to see the fog come in; 1 mile the other direction and you're somewhere else that takes your breath away. There's no question this is where I want to live. Never has been.”

Good luck to everyone takimg part.

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