Saturday, November 6, 2010

CNOC members on SHI Team

The senior members of the IOA will be attempting to emulate the feats of the junior team that
beat Wales in the recent Home International. They will compete this weekend in New Forest,
Southampton. The team is:

M21: Darren Burke, Gerard Butler, Seamus O'Boyle (CNOC), Colm O'Halloran, Marcus
Pinker and Ruairi Short (CNOC)
M20: Niall Ewen (CNOC), Conor Short (CNOC), Josh O'Sullivan-Hourihan
W21: Aislinn Austin, Rosalind Hussey, Ruth Lynam (CNOC), Niamh O'Boyle (CNOC), Toni
O'Donovan and Faye Pinker
W20: Fiona Hill (CNOC), Olivia Baxter

Good luck to everyone competing.

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