Thursday, October 28, 2010

The JK is coming and we need you.

As I'm sure you're aware by now the JK is being held for the first time in NI next Easter (the weekend before the Irish Champs)

This must be the biggest orienteering event ever run in Ireland and they will need loads of helpers.

I (Don)have volunteered 10 CNOC’ers to help!

The helpers will get an opportunity to run either before or after helping.

Don will be in touch closer to the event and try to allocate tasks and times etc.

So what do you have to do contact Don ASAP as we only have 10 places available....

Questions,Dont ask me as i dont know, do you get free entry, free parking, meal voucher,transport,Hold one of the big hands that says park here, shout the start time , call the names, give out maps, stop people running who turn up late I DONT KNOW ASK DON. (I only write this stuff)

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