Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Update!

This post is slightly all over the shop - so much has happened that I'm confused about it, if i'm wrong, fell free to correct me

Well the summer is well and truly here and we all know that as people are vanishing left right and centre to go to all the competitions abroad.

Niamh and Colm are in Borlange for the World University Orienteering Championships. Seamus is still in Norway preparing for his WOC Sprint. While Short's are preparing for a European assault - to include: Oringen (sweden), World Masters (switzerland), WOC Tour (Norway), its also a Junior Squad Tour, i think, and Lake 5 day (England). I think CNOC have a few others headed over to the Lakes 5 Day so hopefully we'll have a nice gang at it.

CNOC International Selections (that I know of/can remember)

JWOC - Conor and Niall. That finished a 2 weeks ago, look at the IJS website for reports etc
WUOC - Niamh and Colm. Website here
CISM - Colm. Website here
World Masters - Ruth and Don (I think). Website here

and the big daddy of them all

World Orienteering Championships in Norway.
Seamus - Sprint and hopefully the Relay
Niamh - Sprint, Long and Relay (probably followed by sleep, or more orienteering!)

Looking at websites, I noticed that Ruairi has gotten himself onto the reserve list for Super Elites or Eliteseren at Oringen. For those not in the know - its the most insanely competitive competition class in the worlds biggest multi-day orienteering race in the World!! and by big I don't mean our CNOC summer series event where we had +200 people.... This event is closer to +15,000 people!

Well done to those who have finished and best of luck to everyone else who's summer is only getting under way.

I'll try get reports from everyone at some stage or another so check back regularly.
To keep the blog surfers happy, Niamh as written up a bit on her summer so far, its located on the Senior Squad Page

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