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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hill Wood

On Tuesday evening is CNOC Summer Series Event number 3.

Where: Hillwood, Monasterevin.

When: Tuesday 1st June.

Type of Terrain: Hillwood is a lovely runnable forest only 10 minutes beyond the Curragh. Map sample available here

Start Times: 17.30 to 19.30. (We are starting earlier than usual to cater
for all those people that arrive before the event organisers do!)

Event organiser: Orla Jennings

Planner: Oliver Clear

Controller: Billy O'Neill

How to not get lost on the way to an orienteering event:
Hillwood is located in Monasterevin town. Travel south on the M7 and take
the exit for Monasterevin. Cross the motorway and turn left for
Monasterevin. Just as you come into Monasterevin take the left turn R417
South sign posted Kildangan / Athy. Hillwood is on your right hand side.
The event will be held in the last carpark on the right.

(so that's straight, left, right, left, straight, left, straight, last car park before bridge on the left...Ohh sorry I meant the right!)

Courses Close at 20:30 to allow our young energetic juniors pick them all up - as much as they love NightO, I don't want to be waiting around.

Course Descriptions:

Short Course 2.4km 8 controls
Medium Course 4.3km 15 controls
Long Course 5.8km 23 controls
Adventure Run 3.7km 9 controls

Hope to see ye all there.

By the way, CNOC League Tables are located here
Current leaders in the race to the BBQ are Ruairi Long (M12) on the Short course. Seamus O'Boyle (M21) on the Long course and Tony Joyce (M40) on the Medium.

End Note:
I almost forgot - don't forget to hit follow to stay up to date with all our latest news! And I will say again, if anyone has any article of interest, send them my way. I try to keep the blog as updated as I can but there's only so much work and research one editor can do.

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